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Brave New Europe

University Strikes

We at BRAVE NEW EUROPE have been supporting the University Strike in Britain by offering activists a platform for their articles. This has given the strikers an opportunity to make their views directly known without the interference of the media. We would like to thank those that have written articles up to now, especially Michael Mair. There has been an incredible resonance, not only in the UK.

We are looking forward to an article by Heikki Patomäki about the University Strike in Finland, in which professors went out on strike for the first time in Finland’s history. He has promised to have it ready for the weekend. The strike was settled last week. The public sector service workers’ union JHL was threatening with a sympathy strike that would have affected railways and shipping.


Once again we would like to appeal for donations, better yet, regular ones, such as 10 Euros, Dollars, Pounds per month. This is not only necessary to keep the website up and running, but we also pay young writers who have no secure source of income, a (very) fair price for their work.

Cooperation Partners

BRAVE NEW EUROPE has begun cooperating with a group of four websites: The New Pretender (UK), Le Vent se Lève (France), Senso Comune (Italy), and La Trivial (Spain). These are all young progressive websites organising discussions and debate to form a discourse to challenge the predominance of neo-liberalism in Europe. We highly recommend visiting them, as they all offer interesting pieces.

We have already begun cross-posting articles (here and here) from one another. This not only gives all five partner websites access to a wealth of excellent material, but permits authors to become better known outside of their own country, as we shall be translating each other’s articles into our own languages.

Political Economics Lectures in Berlin

BRAVE NEW EUROPE has entered cooperation with a foundation called Helle Panke, attached to the Links (Left) party in Berlin, yet undogmatic. They promote political education. The idea is to organise a series of lectures by progressive economists (heterogeneous) in Berlin. These are introductory lectures, especially for non-economists. This could include book presentations. If you should be in Berlin this year anyway or wish to participate (expenses will be paid) please contact us at It would be better, but is not a prerequisite, if you speak German. Any persons or organisations in Berlin or Germany who wish to attend or help organise these lectures please contact us at the same email address above.

The Spider’s Web

BRAVE NEW EUROPE organised two viewing of Michael Oswald’s film The Spider’s Web in Berlin. We would like to thank Helle Panke and Ökumenisches Zentrum for hosting these screenings and Nick Shaxon for attending to answer questions.


BRAVE NEW EUROPE now has a twitter account: @BRAVENEWEUROPE1, so if you wish to follow us, please do.

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