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Over the past 24 months Europe and the entire world have become ever more divided by political uncertainty and economic mismanagement. The need to combat climate change and fight inequality have become visibly more acute. In this world of extremes, and highly manipulated news sources, keeping a clear head is vital.

BRAVE NEW EUROPE is designed to help intelligent readers do exactly that, readers who seek facts and ideas that will help them make up their own minds about the world they live in.

BRAVE NEW EUROPE, with its broad stable of contributors, offers a unique mix of intelligent thought and argument on the burning issues of the day. We are truly grateful to the numbers of independent writers from universities, NGOs, think-tanks and other independent organisations who share their thoughts and articles with us.

Over the two years since we launched BRAVE NEW EUROPE we have worked hard to become a focus for the best radical, independent thinking and writing on Europe and the main challenges it faces:


Climate change Inequality Upholding democracy Finding a new economic paradigm


Thanks to our many contributors we think we have got some of the way. We are an open forum for many fresh thoughts on developing a more just and sustainable society. Interest in the website continues to grow – from a handful of hits in the first quarter of 2017 to 3,500 regular followers and 10,000 clicks a week by September 2019.

None of this can happen without your support. Our independence from corporate or political sponsors means that we rely entirely on donations from non-political, non-corporate sources and from you, our readers. If you like what we do, please think about donating a small amount - even better if it is a regular amount per month. We guess that the majority of our readers would not mind donating TWO, FIVE, or TEN euros a month, roughly the price of a visit to your local coffee shop. We would welcome such a donation, however small, as another vote of confidence in BRAVE NEW EUROPE.

All money we raise is spent on improving and running the website, researching articles, and supporting a handful of young writers by paying them for their contributions.

If you’d like to see BRAVE NEW EUROPE thrive and survive, please DONATE HERE


For monthly donations of TEN euros of more for one year we are offering one of the following gifts (contact us at as long as the supply lasts.


Adam Tooze: Crashed (hardcover in German – We only have two of these)

Nick Shaxson: The Finance Curse (1 hardcover, unlimited paperbacks)

Nick Shaxson: Treasure Islands (2 paperbacks)

Nick Shaxson: Schatzinseln (2 paperbacks)

Mathew D. Rose: Korrupt? (1 Audio Book in German)


Meet the team:


Mathew D. Rose, Founder-editor of Brave New Europe. Former investigative journalist contributing to der Spiegel, Stern, Monitor, TV documentaries, author of several books on political and economic corruption. Lives in Berlin with his partner and two children.

David Shirreff, Writes and edits articles and book reviews for Brave New Europe. Former business and financial writer at Euromoney, The Wall Street Journal, Risk, and The Economist. Author of several books on finance: Dealing with Financial Risk, Break up the Banks! and of satirical musicals: Broke Britannia, EuroCrash, Brexit the Musical. Lives in London. Two grown-up children.

Nicholas Shaxson, Contributor and adviser to Brave New Europe. Contributor to Tax Justice Network, Author of books on financial fraud: Treasure Islands, The Finance Curse. Lives in Berlin with wife and two boys.

Bob Schulze in Dresden is responsible for running our BRAVE NEW EUROPE website

Carsten Mohr in Berlin manages the finances of our charitable cooperative “European Democratic Media”

Dieter Priegann in Kiel heads “European Democratic Media”

Roger Strausberg, who is actually American, but lives in Munich, is in charge of our European Democratic Media website