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If not you, then who?

We are journalists and new to the game of fundraising. We are thoroughly amazed by how difficult it is to convince people to donate to support BRAVE NEW EUROPE.

We have been sending emails to those of you who subscribe to this newsletter, messages to our followers on twitter, as well as appeals to our facebook followers. Altogether thousands. Sometimes - very rarely - someone donates, for which we thank you wholeheartedly. But mostly nothing, no reply, no explanation, nothing. We see BRAVE NEW EUROPE as a community of authors, activists, and readers. This is not how a community behaves.

We wonder if we are not simply encountering the same consumer attitude of unlimited entitlement, which reminds us of the causes of the climate crisis. Take anything that is free or cheap and ignore the costs to the environment – in our case the social environment. Something has to change in our mentality if we want a better society and a planet with a future. That means taking responsibility.

Another element that too many people of the left forget is that we do not have a strong media presence – ask the British about reporting in mainstream media during their current general election. We have to create and support these.

Be it the environment or society, who is going to change things for the better if not us?

So do reconsider making a donation. BRAVE NEW EUROPE needs engaged contributors who are prepared to  help us grow with a one-off donation or a regular, small donation of 2, 3 or 5 euros per month. You can do so now by becoming a contributor  HERE.