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Seasons Greetings from the BNE team! As this year concludes we see ourselves confronted with many challenges: the climate crisis, a faltering world economy, an EU failing Europeans, the egregious state of women’s rights, massive inequality, Catalan and Scottish independence, appalling employment conditions in the Gig Economy – the list goes on and on. In the coming year we shall need not only courage and activism, but also media that fight for these causes. There are not that many and BRAVE NEW EUROPE is one of them. Please support us, so that we can support you. BRAVE NEW EUROPE needs engaged contributors who are prepared to help us grow with a one-off donation or a regular, small donation of 2, 3 or 5 euros per month. If you believe in keeping the process of radical thinking and the development of new ideas alive, you can do so now by becoming a contributor by clicking the donate button at the top of this page. Thank you, David, Mathew, and Nick

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BRAVE NEW EUROPE publishes expertise with a radical face and attitude concerning European politics and economics. We promote critical thinking and the creation of an alternative to neo-liberalism.

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coming talks 2019

Economics beyond the Swabian hausfrau

“Economics beyond the Swabian hausfrau” is a series of talks, featuring some of the most prominent European heterodox economists, planned for this year and next in Berlin presented by BRAVE NEW EUROPE, the Helle Panke Foundation, and local groups of the Network for Pluralist Economics.

In Winter/Spring 2020 we shall start a new series of talks under the motto "Putting Politics Back into Political Economy" concentrating of the climate crisis.

To view films of past talks go to Oxi-Blog

Book Reviews

The Debt Delusion by John Weeks

Book review by Mathew D. Rose When Ha-Joon Chang exhorted: “We need an economic literacy campaign so people understand the language used by the ruling class”, he was probably thinking of books like John Weeks’ [...]