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BRAVE NEW EUROPE publishes expertise with a radical face and attitude concerning European politics and economics. We promote critical thinking and the creation of an alternative to neo-liberalism.


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coming talks

Economics beyond the Swabian hausfrau

“Economics beyond the Swabian hausfrau” is a series of talks, featuring some of the most prominent European heterodox economists. Due to current developments we are now emphasising climate change, once again with some of the leading experts in this field.These talks are presented by BRAVE NEW EUROPE, the Helle Panke Foundation, and with the friendly support of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.

Our series of talks continues in the Autumn of 2021. We are not sure it we shall be able to return to our talks with an audience in Berlin. Whatever happens, we shall continue with the live zoomcasts in English with a simultaneous German translation

Ha Vinh Tho on 5 October 2021 at 8pm CET (Zoomcast)

«From inner transformation to social innovation. Gross National Happiness: a new development paradigm»

Robin McAlpine on 9 November 2021 at 8pm CET (Zoomcast)
“Start Counting: why a Green New Deal needs to be quantified”

Julia Steinberger on 24 November 2021 at 8pm CET (Zoomcast)
“Living well within planetary limits: is it possible? And what will it take? “

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