The most cost-effective way to donate – for you and us – is via a bank transfer in euros, dollars or GBP. Transfers in the European payment area are usually free. So think first of sending your donation big or small to Brave New Europe’s multi-currency account at Revolut Business.

IBAN: GB40REVO00997045450064

For transfers in GBP from a UK bank you can use our account at Cashplus Bank:
Brave New Europe
Account number: 03012257
Sort code: 08 71 99

Donors receive the exclusive BNE Community Newsletter. So when you donate, please send a short email to so that we know where to send it to.

Alternatively you can make your donation – simple, but they take a fee – via PayPal (in any currency, despite the GBP menu) or credit/debit card, by clicking HERE.

If you have any questions, cannot work out how to make a donation or if you want to receive our Community newsletter as a donor, contact us at