Any donation, no matter how small, will help us to continue or even expand our work. Remember, each euro/£ you donate will be DOUBLED by GLS Treuhand.

The GLS Treuhand has generously offered BRAVE NEW EUROPE a donation of 10,000 euros, but as matching funds. That means to be paid in equal amount to donations we receive from other sources. Thus for every euro you donate to BRAVE NEW EUROPE, we obtain two euros.

This would enable BRAVE NEW EUROPE not only to continue challenging the neo-liberal discourse by providing our readers with ideas, arguments, and solutions from experts and activists to make Europe just, democratic, and sustainable, but expand our efforts. Please consider donating a small sum, perhaps on a regular basis, to help us to grow as an essential and effective forum for change.  So make a commitment and support us so that we can support you.

For those who do not know it, the GLS Treuhand is a German charitable association.

“GLS Treuhand uses ideas and money to promote charitable projects for an active, democratic, and open civil society. With its member foundations, it supports social, ecological, and cultural fields of learning and development. It also administers and advises other foundations. Through donations, endowments and inheritances, it and its numerous partners supported over 800 projects with over 12 million euros in 2017.

It was thanks to a donation of 9,000 Euros from GLS Treuhand that we were able to launch BRAVE NEW EUROPE a year ago. With this matched funds donation they are helping us to create a sustainable concept by encouraging our readers to take responsibility for the website. Please support us.

Please think of making a small donation towards the 10,000 Euros.


Donations can be made to the following bank account:

Account Name: EDM European Democratic Media eG

Bank: GLS Bank

IBAN: DE98 4306 0967 4117 7769 00


If you wish to pay with credit card or paypal please click here! Please be aware that our crowdfunding site asks in the “Payment Summary” that you also contribute to them. This is not necessary. Just press the “Change amount” button and you can reduce this. They are already charging us for the transaction.

EDM European Democratic Media eG is registered as gemeinnützig in Germany

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BRAVE NEW EUROPE is a democratic project with the goal of empowering European citizens to challenge the neo-liberal diktat. Thus participation is an essential element of the website. To bolster this we have created a non-profit cooperative, EDM European Democratic Media eG, which supports BRAVE NEW EUROPE and gives readers a chance to get involved in the website’s development. To join, please click here:


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