BRAVE NEW EUROPE is solely dependent on donations for its financial existence.  As a cooperative with a desire to foster egalitarian structures our goal is to be supported by a broad group of small donors. That means you. Please consider making a donation. Better yet would be a regular monthly donation of 2, 3, 5 or 10 Euros.

Donations can be made to the following bank account:

Account Name: EDM European Democratic Media eG

Bank: GLS Bank

IBAN: DE98 4306 0967 4117 7769 00


If you wish to pay with credit card or paypal please click here! Please be aware that our crowdfunding site asks in the “Payment Summary” that you also contribute to them. This is not necessary.  They are already charging us for the transaction. Just press the “Change amount” button and you can reduce this.

EDM European Democratic Media eG is registered as gemeinnützig in Germany

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BRAVE NEW EUROPE is a democratic project with the goal of empowering European citizens to challenge the neo-liberal diktat. Thus participation is an essential element of the website. To bolster this we have created a non-profit cooperative, EDM European Democratic Media eG, which supports BRAVE NEW EUROPE and gives readers a chance to get involved in the website’s development. To join, please click here:

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