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14 April 2024: ‘Sachem Head and food delivery’s financial future’

31 March 2024: ‘A stopgap and a trap: Migrants in the gig economy’

24 March 2024: ‘What “UberCheats” tells us about data and gig workers’ power’

17 March 2024: ‘Platform Work Directive approved: 3 things about what happens next’

10 March 2024: ‘Platform care: A risk to workers?’

3 March 2024: ‘Uber’s first ever profit: is it real?’

25 February 2024: ‘More questions than answers in Brussels’

18 February 2024: ‘There will be no Platform Work Directive’

11 February 2024: ‘The EU is on the verge of a Platform Work Directive-lite’

4 February 2024: ‘Historic UK food delivery strike rocks the platforms’

28 January 2024: ‘The EU is primed to fail gig workers, and it’s not just the right-wing who are to blame’

21 January 2024: Uber’s profits, drivers’ pay cuts and Dara’s special prize

14 January 2024: ‘1 month to decide on the Platform Work Directive’

23 December 2023: ‘Why did the Platform Work Directive not pass?’

17 December 2023: ‘Platform Work Directive deal agreed: 3 points’

10 December 2023: ‘Investigation: Understanding rider accidents & accident insurance’

3 December 2023: ‘Why France’s national riders’ strike matters’

26 November 2023: ‘Britain’s top judges protect poverty pay at Deliveroo’

19 November 2023: ‘Child labour, France’s “social dialogue” breakdown and a Platform Work Directive diagram’

12 November 2023: “‘¿Dónde está Yolanda Díaz?’: Platform Work Directive latest”

5 November 2023: ‘Letters (and adverts) from America’

29 October 2023: ‘Platform Work Directive: Avoiding “a gingerbread house”‘

22 October 2023: The gig economy “beyond the gig”

15 October 2023: ‘Riders need access to their data, and unions can help them’

8 October 2023: ‘In every corner of the globe, platform workers’ protest’

1 October 2023: ‘Trade unions prepare their “red line” on Platform Work Directive’

24 September 2023: ‘Platform Work Directive: Uber brings out the big threats’

17 September 2023: ‘Why do riders choose to join a union?’

10 September 2023: ‘What Hubert Horan has said about Uber’s first ever profit’

3 September 2023: ‘On the cloud: Work in the planetary labour market’

27 August 2023: ‘Getir in crisis: 3 observations’

20 August 2023: ‘Do rights for gig workers not matter anymore to the UK Labour party?’

13 August 2023: ‘What Marx said about the gig economy’

6 August 2023: ‘Jail time for Spain’s platform bandits?’

16 July 2023: ‘Riding through the heatwave: when rights can be the difference between life and death’

9 July 2023: ‘What the “Don’t Gig Up, Never!” project found’

2 July 2023: “‘The language of the unheard’: French riots and the gig economy”

25 June 2023: ‘The crisis of Q-Commerce may be existential’

18 June 2023: ‘Where are we now and what’s left to go with the Platform Work Directive?’

11 June 2023: ‘Is CJEU’s ruling the defeat for Barcelona’s public taxi model that the media claim?’

4 June 2023: ‘End-game for Platform Work Directive in sight’

28 May 2023: ‘Make platform care work visible’

21 May 2023: ‘Has the gig economy peaked?’

14 May 2023: ‘How to avoid the Platform Work Directive flopping? Learn from experience.’

7 May 2023: “‘Surprise and delight’: Uber and algorithmic wage discrimination”

30 April 2023: ‘The automatic re-classification myth’

23 April 2023: ‘From bogus self-employment to…bogus sub-contractor employment?’

9 April 2023: ‘Opening the black box’

2 April 2023: ‘What future for Q-Commerce, and its workers?’

26 March 2023: ‘Is no law better than a bad law? Platform Work Directive latest.’

19 March 2023: ‘How can gig workers win?’

12 March 2023: ‘Is a tax earthquake coming for Europe’s digital labour platforms?’

5 March 2023: ‘Resisting robo-firings in Brussels’

26 February 2023: ‘Trade unions need to take data and algorithmic management seriously’

19 February 2023: ‘The Helpling bankruptcy debate: Is ‘venture socialism’ the solution?’

12 February 2023: ‘Uber: lies, damned lies and statistics’

5 February 2023: ‘After the Euro Parl vote, what happens now with the Platform Work Directive?’

29 January 2023: ‘In Geneva, workers are using their data to take on Uber’

22 January 2023: ‘Divided France: The government and the courts at odds over platform work’

15 January 2023: ‘In Barcelona, Uber cars are being towed away’

18 December 2022: ‘Gig economy review of 2022’

13 December 2022: ‘Two big updates: Platform Work Directive and Gorillas sale’

4 December 2022: ‘Women in the gig economy’

27 November 2022: ‘Platform Work Directive machinations’

20 November 2022: ‘How gig workers can make use of data’

13 November 2022: ‘Building movement capacity in Barcelona’

6 November 2022: ‘After the defeat of Uber, a new taxi model is emerging in Barcelona’

30 October 2022: ‘What Mark MacGann revealed’

23 October 2022: ‘Gorillas: Not just a bad apple’

16 October 2022: ‘Platform Work Directive in retreat’

8 October 2022: ‘Gig work is not safe’

2 October 2022: ‘Migrant experiences of gig work’

24 September 2022: ‘Spanish platform bandits’

17 September 2022: ‘Undocumented migrants resist mass app de-activation in France’

10 September 2022: ‘Pushbacks and frustrations in Brussels’

3 September 2022: ‘What to expect from the ‘Alternatives to Uberisation’ conference’

20 August 2022: ‘Why is Sweden objecting to the Platform Work Directive?’

14 August 2022: ‘Strong enforcement is the only way to bring rogue platforms to heel’

6 August 2022: “All’s well in Uber land?”

31 July 2022: “Is Uber a ‘Road to Nowhere’?”

23 July 2022: ‘The missing piece in the Uber Files puzzle’

16 July 2022: ‘Uber Files special’

8 July 2022: ‘Barcelona’s Taxistas show how David can beat Goliath’

2 July 2022: ‘Who are the microworkers?’

24 June 2022: ‘Mick Lynch is right: it’s about power’

18 June 2022: ‘How many gig workers have been fired since this crisis began? No one knows.’

12 June 2022: ‘A victory against the scourge of sub-contracting’

4 June 2022: ‘A week in Berlin’

27 May 2022: ‘The grocery delivery culling’

21 May 2022: “France’s ‘Social Dialogue’ election: a parody of democracy”

14 May 2022: ‘The GMB-Deliveroo agreement: Partnership over counter-power’

7 May 2022: ‘Uber’s Earnings Report’

29 April 2022: ‘Happy May Day!’

22 April 2022: ‘Why the guilty verdict in the criminal trial of Deliveroo in France matters’

16 April 2022: ‘Social media content creators of the world, unite!’

7 April 2022: ‘The gig economy and the French election’

2 April 2022: ‘American predicaments’

26 March 2022: ‘Inflation is breeding class conflict in the gig economy’

19 March 2022: “The ‘crippling’ cost of gig work”

12 March 2022: ‘Is the Riders Law failing?’

4 March 2022: ‘The “black box algorithm” determining Uber driver pay’

26 February 2022: ‘Dark Stores’ come under the scrutiny of regulators’

19 February 2022: ‘A food delivery mirage?’

12 February 2022: ‘Stuart Delivery: Owned by the French state’

5 February 2022: ‘The economics of food delivery platforms’

29 January 2022: ‘France’s “social dialogue” solution to the gig economy’

23 January 2022: ‘The interpretation war begins over the EU’s Platform Work Directive’

16 January 2022: ‘The Stuart Delivery strike is breaking new ground in gig worker tactics’

9 January 2022: Glovo sale highlights tendency towards platform monopolisation

19 December 2021: ‘Is sub-contracting the achilles heel of gig worker reforms?’

12 December 2021: ‘Why the Platform Work Directive is historic’

5 December 2021: ‘Leaks and pushbacks: rumours swirl about the EU’s Platform Work Directive’

28 November 2021: ‘100 days of the Riders Law: is it working?’

21 November 2021: “‘The Amazonian Era’: New report on the ‘gigification of work'”

14 November 2021: “Uber’s driver crisis”

7 November 2021: ‘The diary of a night rider’

31 October 2021: A week in Brussels

24 October 2021: The double-exploitation of the “invisible riders”

17 October 2021: What does ‘Striketober’ mean for the gig economy?

10 October 2021: “Gorillas show the ugly side of the tech ‘disruptors'”

3 October 2021: ‘What we learned from the taxistas in Barcelona’

26 September 2021: ‘Greek strike reveals riders’ can wield real power’

19 September 2021: ‘Why it will take more than legislation rein in the platforms’

12 September 2021: “Is Uber in a ‘death spiral’?”

5 September 2021: Lobbyists, Brussels and the EU’s platform workers directive – should we be worried?

29 August 2021: Barcelona riders strike shows solidarity is possible in the gig economy