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Brave New Europe has always considered the Gig Economy one of the most important and contentious economic developments of our time. Unfortunately it is largely ignored in mainstream media, except as a burgeoning business sector, and by much of academia. But what about the workers in the Gig Economy, the newest model of capitalist exploitation – bike couriers, home-based tele-workers, seasonal fruit and vegetable-pickers, call-centre workers and many others with no job protection?

Ben Wray is leading this project for BRAVE NEW EUROPE, enabling us to provide analysis, updates, ideas, and reports from all across Europe on the Gig Economy. We are keen to find out about and report on these struggles – if you know of or are involved in one in Europe, please get in touch. We are also publishing content from researchers, campaigners, and others who have an interesting perspective to offer on Gig Economy workers in Europe.

This page will be regularly updated with new content, and if you would like to get in touch you can do so by contacting the co-ordinator of the project, Ben Wray (

To support us in our goal of “Giving a voice to the voiceless” the  Lipman-Miliband Trust  is generously financing a pilot project  to develop an information network on how Gig Economy workers are organising themselves, thus supporting them in creating a public exposure that up to now has been denied.

Carlos Rodríguez Expósito – A Taxi Driver, a Corrupt Spanish Political Class, and International Finance

To understand Coronavirus crisis in Spain, it is essential to understand its history of endemic corruption, in this case of public services, that is driven by politicians guided by Spains large financial interests (banks and vulture funds).

Uber accused of tax fraud in Spain in landmark legal case

The Taxi Project 2.0 has announced a court action today, making  a claim to the Spanish Public Prosecutor office that Uber had defrauded the Treasury,  in the latest offensive by the Taxi workers’ movement in Spain against the platform giant. The Gig Economy Project reports.

Corona Crisis: ‘We have to fight for our lives while we’re still trying to save other people’s lives’: Interview with UK medical courier Alex Marshall

There’s few more daunting jobs in a pandemic than to be a medical courier. Handling Coronavirus specimens while riding a bike around central London is not fun and games. Medical couriers at The Doctors Laboratory [TDL], a fast growing private healthcare firm in the UK, have been experiencing this on a daily basis for two months, but now they have a new threat to deal with.

The company is looking to make ten of its medical couriers redundant, a cut that is strongly suspected to be motivated by a desire to break the trade union. Alex Marshall, chair of the Industrial Workers of Great Britain (IWGB) Couriers & Logistics Branch, is one of those couriers that has been at the centre of union organising at TDL, and is up for the chop under the muted plans. The IWGB have called a strike ballot among TDL members over the threat to jobs.

The Gig Economy Project spoke to Marshall about TDL, the planned strike and what it has been like to work as a medical courier in London during the Covid-19 crisis.

Alex Foti – Italy: May Day and the Precarious Class

Alex Foti on May Days past and present.

French workers 1-0 Amazon: Interview with Stéphane Enjalran on the Covid-19 Court Victory

French trade unions have won a legal action against Amazon over health & safety at work during Covid-19. Ben Wray spoke to Stéphane Enjalran, National Secretary of the Solidaires trade union, which led the court action, about the significance of the court ruling.

Alberto ‘Tito’ Álvarez – The Spanish Taxi Drivers’ War on “Platform Capitalism”

In early 2014 taxi drivers in Barcelona rebelled against the unbridled growth of Uber, the online ride service. In six years they have turned that fight into a general offensive against “platform capitalism” in the EU. Alberto Alvarez explains the vehemence.

Alberto ‘Tito’ Álvarez – La lucha del taxi en España: ayer, hoy y mañana

A principios de 2014, nace en Barcelona un movimiento de taxistas inconformistas. Cansados de que las administraciones y sindicatos del taxi no hicieran nada, y poco a poco se fueron sumando más taxistas.

Can the Basque Country Turn the Tide on Uberisation?

Momentum was building against ‘fake self-employment’ in the Basque Country before the Pandemic hit. Ben Wray examines whether the Covid-19 crisis will see Uberisation become more entrenched in ‘Euskal Herria’, or lead to strong Basque worker traditions once again flourishing.

Ekona Collective, Taxi Project 2.0 – Platforms, Workers’ Organisation, and Covid-19: lessons from Spain

The dynamics of platform economies, how workers are seeking to organise in this new form of capitalist organisation, and how they have responded to the Covid-19 crisis

The Gig Economy Couriers: Operating Precariously at the Connection Points of the Covid-19 Economy

Until the lockdown shut most of us behind our four walls, a new distinct feature of the European urban environment had become apparent to all. The gig economy couriers. Riders buzzing round street corners with Deliveroo back-packs on and Uber bumper stickers on cars, they have become an emblem of an age of precarious, app-driven work.

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