A Rebel’s Guide to the Gig Economy: Is the gig economy really a “godsend” for women?

A Rebel’s Guide to the Gig Economy is a series of podcasts by journalist Ben Wray and researcher Marini Thorne which gets behind the tech jargon and the CEO propaganda to examine the reality of work in the gig economy and look at how gig workers can challenge the power of their algorithmic bosses.

In Episode 6, Ben and Marini challenge the idea that the gig economy offers freedom for women from macho office environments and rigid work schedules. They find that the gig economy re-produces many of the same problems for women as standard jobs, and in some cases even reinforces the sexist ‘double-burden’ of waged labour and domestic unpaid labour.

Previous episodes:

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Ep 2: ⁠⁠Why are gig workers paid-per-task?⁠⁠

Ep 3: ⁠⁠What is the algorithm?⁠⁠

Ep 4: ⁠⁠Are gig workers their ‘own boss’?⁠⁠

Ep 5: ⁠Is gig work really ‘flexible’?⁠

Future episodes:

Ep 7: is platform work good for ethnic minorities?

Ep 8: What makes platforms powerful?

Ep 9: Why do platforms struggle to turn a profit?

Ep 10: Why should gig workers join a union?

Ep 11: How do gig workers get power over their data?

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