Workers, algorithms & the EU: Interview with Aída Ponce Del Castillo

What does the AI Act and the algorithmic management section of the Platform Work Directive mean for AI in the workplace?

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As we approach the end of 2023, things are happening when it comes to the regulation of artificial intelligence (AI) in the European Union. 

After intense negotiations, provisional agreements have been found between the EU institutions on the much-debated AI Act and the lower profile but nonetheless crucially important Platform Work Directive, part of which is about how to regulate the use of algorithmic systems in managing platform workers. 

What are these agreements likely to mean for the future of the relationship between algorithms and workers in Europe? 

To find out, the Gig Economy Project is joined by  Aída Ponce Del Castillo, Senior Researcher at the European Trade Union Institute in Brussels, Belgium. Aída is a lawyer by training and her research focuses on the legal, ethical, social and regulatory issues surrounding emerging technologies, including AI. 

GEP spoke to Ponce Del Castillo about:

01:40: Why should workers care about AI regulation at work?

3:14: The algorithmic management section of the Platform Work Directive

18:51: Is the AI Act “deregulatory regulation”?

27:00: EU legislation still to come on artificial intelligence at work

33:31: Are regulators catching up with changes in technology and work?

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