Our Gig Economy Project has received funding towards a further year from the Andrew Wainwright Reform Trust

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The Gig Economy Project, supported by the BRAVE NEW EUROPE website, has been operating since April 2020 as a media hub to report on key developments in the gig economy in Europe, always in solidarity with the struggle of gig workers to improve their conditions of work. GEP also provides a space for gig workers, academics and activists to put their perspective and ideas forward about the future of the gig economy. 
Currently we are the only website that regularly and systematically provides information about the worldwide struggle of gig economy workers. Without GEP this information would be isolated incidents with little reach and limited contact with one another. This is no surprise as gig economy workers are the precariat, often immigrants, with no lobby, financial clout, or support from political parties. They are leading amazing labour struggles often thanks to combative grass roots unions that have recently sprung up or in spontaneous, self-organised strikes.
In just over one year, we have published over 80 news reports, analyses, podcasts and opinion pieces, updating on strikes, legal developments, academic reports, protests, webinars and lots more on BRAVE NEW EUROPE . We always seek to engage with the grassroots of gig workers’ struggles, where inspiring voices and new leaders of the labour movement are too often unheard in the mainstream media. We believe that if the Gig Economy Project didn’t exist, the work we do would not be done elsewhere, and would be missed.
That’s why we are pleased to announce that we have received an £8,000 grant fund from the Andrew Wainwright Reform Trust towards continuing the Gig Economy Project for another 12 months. We thank AWRT for their belief in and commitment to the project.
Commenting, Ben Wray, journalist and co-ordinator of GEP, said: “I’m delighted the Gig Economy Project has received this grant fund so we can continue, and improve, our work. The struggles taking place between gig workers and platform capitalists right now will shape the future of work in Europe for decades to come. The platform giants have enormous resources to communicate their message, and gig workers need as much media support as possible so that their voice is heard and so they are kept well informed of the struggles of their fellow workers across the continent and beyond. That’s what the Gig Economy Project will continue to try to do, and if you want to help us in doing that do not hesitate to get in touch.”

You can actively support the Gig Economy Project by donating to one of these accounts and adding Gig Economy Project or dropping us an email to let us know that your donation is intended for the GEP.

We would once again like to thank the  Stiftung Menschenwürde und Arbeitswelt for having generously provided us with a bridge funding and getting us this far.
You can follow the Gig Economy Project on twitter @Project_Gig, and to contact Ben directly e-mail ben.wray@hotmail.co.uk.



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