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BRAVE NEW EUROPE Fundraising 2018 –  We are making progress, but need your help urgently

As you may already have read in our newsletter or on our website the GLS Treuhand has offered a matching contribution up to our goal fundraising goal of 10,000 euros. We are currently at around 4,500 euros. Thus we still have quite a way to go.

In recent weeks we have read how ultra-right political formations in Europe are receiving hundreds of millions, be it from the United States or billionaires in Germany and Switzerland, to support their political propaganda. We are asking you for a contribution of 5, 10, maybe even 20 euros/pounds to give the progressive movement in Europe a further voice in this contest. We have the better solutions, arguments, and ideas. Let us share them with each other to improve our own public discourse, and share it with others who might receive no exposure to what we have to offer.

Please support us in this necessary endeavour.

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Climate Change: Women are leading the way

If you look at the immediate world around you, or read the latest report of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), it has become obvious that climate change together with inequality has become one of the two most pressing issues of our time. Nonetheless society is treating climate change as an ancillary issue. That has to change. The movement Extinction Rebellion has provided all of us with an exemplary model of how to bring climate change into the central focus of the political discussion.

At BRAVE NEW EUROPE feel we too have not done enough to inform our readers and support a discussion on this issue. On the other hand a quick look at our statistics tells a sad story: postings concerning climate change and feminism are hardly read in comparison to those on conventional economics and politics. The other day we posted Ann Pettifor’s article “To Secure a Future, Britain Needs a Green New Deal”. Compared with the interest shown in her more traditional economic articles the number of clicks on this one was low – though Ann is one of our most popular authors. As a recent survey demonstrated, climate change is an issue that is taken much more seriously by women than men.

This imbalance is something we intend to address, with more articles on climate change and the environment, hoping that they will be widely read, and not just by women.





Future Talks in our series “Economics beyond the Swabian hausfrau”

Talk Picture


The talks in Berlin for the first half year of 2019 are taking shape.

Steve Keen – 30 January 2019 “When the Swabian housewife saves, what does she do to your bank account?”

Frances Coppola – 13 February 2019 “Financial Hurricanes”

Branko Milanovic - 1 April 2019 “Recent trends in global income distribution and their political Implications”


We still do not have the dates, but we shall be presenting further talks, however without German translations with Nick Shaxson, Pavlos Roufos, and hopefully Andrea Lorenzo Capusella. The dates are still not set, but should be following soon


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With freezing greetings from BRAVE NEW EUROPE.