27/09/2016 Thomas Piketty: Reconstructing Europe after Brexit. Piketty analyses the Brexit vote results and changes that are necessary in the EU.

27/09/2016 Simon Wren-Lewis: Who is responsible for the eurozone crisis? The simple answer: Germany. Simon Wren-Lewis examines Gremany’s role int the eurozone crisis.

27/09/2016 George Monbiot: Let’s not fool ourselves. We may not bribe, but corruption is rife in Britain. When corruption is defined by those practicing it, the definition has little to do with reality.

27/09/2016 Thom Hartmann: The sad truth of our politics: It’s basically turned into a competition among oligarchs to own everything. Hartmann scrutinizes fascism as Fascism government. But not a government of, by, and for We The People; instead, it would be a government of, by, and for the most powerful corporate interests in the nation