Ali Abunimah – Biden admits Israel’s defeat in Gaza





Biden admits Israel’s defeat in Gaza


In remarks delivered at the White House on Friday, US President Joe Biden laid out what he called a “roadmap” to bring an end to the Israeli war on Gaza.

Biden summarized what he said was a new Israeli proposal for a three-phase process to exchange Israeli and Palestinian prisoners of war and captives and bring about a “durable end to this war.”

In its broad outlines, the proposal is very similar to an American-backed proposal that Hamas accepted in early May after Israel had approved it.

But Israel then reneged on the deal and escalated its attack on Rafah, Gaza’s southernmost city and where the majority of the territory’s population of 2.3 million Palestinians had fled after being forcibly displaced from other areas.

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  1. This was never an Israeli proposal. In his announcement, Biden stated that it was an Israeli proposal that he hoped Israel would endorse! This formulation probably reflects his difficult mental condition, since, rather obviously, if Israel had made the proposal, there would be need to hope for Israeli endorsement. Immediately Biden made his statement, Netanyahu replied stating that Israel’s proposal was simply: release the hostages.

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