Céline Keller – Comic: Dawn of the Energy Charter TREATY

“The ECT is the most powerful weapon in the hands of fossil fuels companies. Put it simple, this treaty is a major threat to the EU energy sovereignty, green deal, and climate justice goals. This timely comic is of high importance to ensure the French Presidency will end the participation of EU countries to this ecocide treaty.”

– Yamina Saheb, ECT Whistleblower

“The Energy Charter Treaty is the arguably largest and most arcane obstacle to climate action: it forces countries who want to reduce emissions to pay compensation to fossil fuel companies. Sounds terrible? Sounds complicated? It’s both. This comic will help you figure out what is going on through thoroughly researched cases. Read, share and convince your politicians to stop the ECT!”

– Julia Steinberger, Professor of Ecological Economics, University of Lausanne

”The one thing I would say is that this is the biggest threat to climate policy around the world, and most people don’t even know this shadowy, quasi-legal system exists, let alone how it works. If we have any hope of disarming it, we need folks to be aware of what’s happening!”

– Amy Westervelt, Investigative Journalist and Executive Producer of Critical Frequency

Download DAWN OF THE ECT as PDF including LIST OF SOURCES:

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