Désobéissance Ecolo Paris – Happy Birthday, Youth Climate Movement

Paris climate protesters smash their way into HQ of Black Rock – the world’s largest fund managers – and vandalise offices in latest act of violence directed at Emmanuel Macron

  • Protesters redecorated BlackRock offices in Paris

  • Anti-government protesters called for President Emmanuel Macron to resign

  • Art works were created such as writing ‘Black Rock Murderer’  alongside large Anarchist symbols in red paint. Did Banksy participate?

  • BlackRock had a major role in shaping Macron’s controversial employment legislation

English translation is in the second half of the article

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Protesters tried to organise a sit-in, but heavily armed Republican Security Guard (CRS) riot police then arrived and forced them out of the building

A giant Anarchist symbol was pained on the floor in red paint when demonstrators smashed their way into the world's largest fund managing firm

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