Fundraiser 2023: We did not reach our goal, but…

Still Needed: 780 GBP/€/$        Donate Here

At the end of 2022 thanks to many of you we had raised round 13,000 GBP/€/ for 2023. That was however well short of the 20.000 that we need to continue our work. We were actually surprised by how many donated and often the messages and emails explaining why they did so so generously. We felt closing down the website at the end of August would be unfair to all those who supported us.

We did our maths and came up with a solution. We could continue our work in a reduced format, no longer posting new articles on the weekend. This would mean Friday would be the last articles for the week, recommencing on Monday morning. We would do the same with twitter. We have closed down Facebook anyway as they shadow blocked us and were no longer disseminating our messages.

We should add that we are still lacking 1,000 GBP/€/$ (now 780) to finance this new format. If some of you who had promised to donate but forgot to do so and others who did not get round to doing so donated, we should make it. Please go HERE and donate.

On the one hand we shall cut back on our regular newsletter to once a month to economise. On the other hand we shall initiate a new newsletter for those who donated as we feel a BRAVE NEW EUROPE community has grown and would like to support this. New donors will also be included. If for financial reasons you could not donate and wrote us to inform us of this, please drop us a line and we shall include you in the BNE Community newsletter should you wish.

Once again, thank you to those who donated so generously or wrote to explain why they could not, but exhorting us not to give up. Both were greatly appreciated.

We hope the new format is not the beginning of the end, the first step towards closing down the website. That it is instead the end of the beginning as we build up a community of supporters that will take responsibility for providing BRAVE NEW EUROPE with a sound financial basis enabling a vibrant progressive media, providing analyses, information, and solutions that serve the interests of the 99%, especially in these increasingly difficult times.

The countdown for the final 1,000 GBP/€/$ begins now:

Still Needed: 780 GBP/€/$        Donate Here

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