Fundraiser 2023 – We have funds to continue until 21 May. It’s in your hands to get us to the end of the year.

Until December 1 we would like to reach 50% of our goal: 10,000 GBP/€/$. We mannaged 25% in the first two weeks. As we keep saying, this is up to you.You decide if BRAVE NEW EUROPE will continue to exist. This is definitely not the time to be throwing away important leftist media.

Please do not forget that small donations are important too. Do not think you have to support us with large sums. It is as a community that we are strong. All of us together. So take a few minutes this weekend and donate. We currently have received enough donations to keep us going until 21 May.

In general we have a surprisingly financially well off readership. Yes, there are a number of you who cannot afford to donate. Some of you write us to inform us of this and explain how important it is for you to be able to attain the quality of information you find on BRAVE NEW EUROPE without a paywall. We like to think of BRAVE NEW EUROPE as a community based on solidarity, where we all pitch in according to our means to keep moving forward together.

We would like to repeat that recurring donations (monthly or yearly) are especially advantageous for you and us as it helps us in our planning; you do not receive emails and direct messages asking for donations (you might term it a dispensation); and you then have skin in the game (you are a sort of shareholder).

Let us all see to it that BRAVE NEW EUROPE continues flourishing. Use this weekend well and take a few minutes to donate.

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