1. An unmentioned thought is that most people believe for some odd reason, of all the different animal species, humans are somehow special…and forget:
    People cannot live without Nature ,but Nature can exist…better… without people
    As long as those in charge of anything are there, the climate will change, to be saved by only the extinction of human species, after suffering by next FEW generations.

    • EXACTLY! Finally some sense, among a huge number of extremely naive and misguided people who seem to believe that “demanding” that the government become decent people immediately, rather than actually take their own responsibility, is going to work. While humans exist, there will never be an end to corruption, destruction and greed, and we can all only hope for the quickest extinction possible so that the rest of the planet has a chance to regenerate and hopefully never make the mistake of allowing a species such as humans to exist again!

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