1. Thanks for this, but will Left Remainers take any notice? Several Left Remainer characteristics argue no:

    1. Most are probably very comfortable (or very likely to obtain that position), with little experience of the deprivation suffered by working class Brexit voters

    2. Many clearly read no politics or economics, otherwise they would at least have the reservations of Laurie MacFarlane and Varoufakis

    3. Those that are informed and have reservations seem, like Laurie and Varoufakis that pigs can fly, or willbe able to with their help

    4. All seem to believe the ‘crashing out’ distortion. Moving to WTO rules is not crashing out. And, in any case, most trading arrangements are already in place and have been for many years.

    5. Many likely know nothing about negotiation. So, adopting the silly views of Yvette Cooper and tying the hands of negotiators to deny leaving without a deal is music to the ears of Barnier and co, who must be having a quiet chuckle. But then they should also realise that the motivation behind Cooper is likely nothing to do with Brexit, but entirely to do with sticking one on Corbyn – who strangely applauded her.

    6. Many are clearly prepared to relish the betrayal of the true Peoples Vote, that is the Referendum, and shaft all those millions who voted for Brexit. How simply elitist, hypocritical and undemocratic is that?

    Let’s hear more sense from the likes of you and the ever sensible Australian Bill Mitchell. As an aside – perhaps the Labour Party will come to its senses and realise the power of fiscal freedom with absolutely no need to borrow. No sovereign country is beholden to the markets, though, as you advise I believe, capital controls maybe necessary to protect sterling.

  2. ? just to fuel your rant,
    Us lefty remainers are perfectly capable of reading intelligently, are proud to be European despite living in a deprived area, don’t trust people who stick us into pigeon holes or be dim enough to fall for lies spun by English undercover elitist tories. We live in the real world and understand the history of how we got in this mess. Thanks for the pat on the head.

  3. The EU is being led to fascism by Le Pen and co. who now support it. It is due for economic collapse and recession. Its internationalism ends at the Bosporus where skin starts to darken or Libya where it destroyed the state and created not a common market a slave market. The sensible countries like Italy are looking to China and Russia for economic survival.

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