Heiner Flassbeck: Argentina’s plan: nonsense remains nonsense, even if the IMF and “experts” support it

You can’t be radical enough if you are only liberal or libertarian. In a society that shies away from any kind of radicalism, radical liberalism is at least secretly admired. Argentina’s new president, who many in his country call the “madman”, is thus suddenly becoming a political strategist to be taken seriously. Super-liberal media such as the German Handelsblatt or the Swiss Neue Züricher Zeitung are endeavouring to find “experts” who make it easy for them to praise Argentina’s new president because they are cut from the same cloth as Miley himself. Kiel (the radical-liberal Institute for the World Economy in Germany) and FIEL (the no less radical institute in Argentina) are relevant addresses. The editor-in-chief of Die Welt also attests to Milei’s “economic expertise” and looks on this revolutionary attempt with undisguised admiration.



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