Penalty Shot Panic

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Google Analytics brings certain interesting phenomenon to light concerning our website, some of which we do not understand. The newest of these is an apparent “Penalty Shot Panic” among our readers. As you know, we have initiated our Fundraising 2019. Many of you are even receiving an email to encourage you to donate. According to Google Analytics since then every day 10 to 20 of you press the donate button to go to our website page where one then makes a donation. But then something odd occurs. Of those 10 or 20 only 1 or 2 actually donate.

Maybe in that last second it occurs to you that one less cappuccino or beer a month is too great a sacrifice for a media that presents progressive analyses and news, supports grass root and workers’ movements, providing information you will not find at corporate media. Anyway, you might think, someone else will surely donate to such an important website.

Or maybe the wish for a new iPhone or an additional holiday in Crete this year might be endangered by a donation – and due to the climate crisis you may have to cut back on these sort of things next year to be able to look your friends in the eye. Yeah, you can donate next year. Whatever it is, apparently a penalty shot panic sets in and the ball hits the post.

The problem is that if everyone thinks that someone else will donate, then hardly anyone will make a contribution. Who, if not you, should donate? With the systematic attacks upon Jeremy Corbyn and Greta Thunberg in corporate media, not to mention the wealth of information that is simply ignored or distorted by these media, we are becoming increasingly dependent on our own resources, our own media – your media. So go on, kick a goal. Consider clicking here and going back to our donation page and this time making a contribution. Or if you have have not been there yet, now is the moment.

We are looking for a regular, small donation of 2, 3 or 5 euros per month to keep BRAVE NEW EUROPE going – or even expanding.

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