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  1. It was both sad and annoying to read such a poor and ill-informed article in a leading newspaper.The article is so far from the mark that it is laughable and thus annoying in that it feeds the right wing university-bashing that we are currently exposed to. It is sad that some one who draws their income from a Business School should be so aggrieved that he ‘bites the hand that feeds him’. I wonder what the University of Bristol and its Business School think of him. Perhaps a more constructive and informed article discussing the merits and demerits of business and management education, something that this country excels in, would be more welcome and useful. The first response to the article published in the Guardian opens by talking about such education ‘tainting universities root and branch’ and ‘corrupting both the university ethos and managers themselves’. Taken with the original article, this gives an interesting insight into the sort of person that supports Martin Parker’s thesis; both snobbish and anti-expertise, ill-informed and, possibly, xenophobic.

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