Tax Justice Network: Transforming local economies: the Preston Model

In this special extended edition of the May 2019 Taxcast we go to Preston in the North of England to see the Preston Model in action and how they’re transforming their local economy and democratising wealth. Also:

  • we discuss dark money and the European elections – the elite interests aligning with the far right.
  • And we ask: why doesn’t Britain have its own Huawei?

“We needed a new economic model. It was obvious that we needed something new and different and radical, based upon the economic crash of 2008 which affected us quite badly. That wealth extraction, that straight-jacket that we’re in, we want to tackle by offering an alternative…So, you’re getting that virtual cycle of keeping wealth in the community and democratising the wealth as well, and democratising the economy. We are actually bringing that democracy back. And let’s compete with the big banks. If people get educated I think we could create some kind of really strong movement.”

Preston City Council Leader Matthew Brown

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