BRAVE NEW EUROPE – To decarbonise the planet we shall have to definancialise media

One of the great hindrances of dealing with climate change is mainstream media. On the one side private media, which serves the interests of investors and advertisers. On the other side state media, serving the same interests, just with the political class taking their cut in the financial action.

Lest we forget, it took almost two decades until the fact that climate change exists and that  we are in crisis was accepted in both private and state media. Even now these same media are doing all in their power to distract, detract, and deflect from the realities of the climate crisis. The coverage of COP26 was the latest example, where the message was “Don’t worry, the free market will solve the problem”.

This systematic deception pervades all important issues. The message is always the same: There is no alternative, at the most some incremental tinkering. Attempts to present an effectual, different discourse is massively and systematically discredited, whereby any lies are legitimate.Whoever followed the election campaigns of Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders will know this.

The solution to stopping climate change and muting mainstream media lies with us. Just as the one entails kicking our habit and mind set of consumerism, the other means giving up reassuring lies for inconvenient truths. The one results in a better life, the other in better information.

What BRAVE NEW EUROPE can do is offer you better inputs – here and now. We consider information, like education, not to be a commodity, but a public good, part of the commons. As we are all witnessing, both are under neo-liberal attack and have to be defended. So if you believe in truly free media – and we have no price tag on the information we disseminate – then please step up and take responsibility for your and our future by making a donation to BRAVE NEW EUROPE here

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