Al Jazeera – Israel: Above the law?

27 March 2024

A look into how and why international laws and principles are being applied and ignored in the Israel-Gaza conflict.

The events of October 7 sent shockwaves across the world and brought to the forefront once again a conflict that has been ongoing for 75 years. The Israeli government’s response to Hamas’s attack was prompt – it embarked on a war of magnitude in Gaza, claiming it needed to take out Hamas and rescue the captives. At first, the consensus of Western powers seemed solid: Israel has the right to fight back against Hamas. But more than five months later, Israel’s military was facing criticism worldwide, including allegations that it is committing war crimes, crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing and even genocide.

This documentary will explore whether Israel is breaking international law and, if so, why are Western powers, in particular the United States, silent.

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