Branko Milanović – Recent trends in global income distribution and their political implications

Starts at Minute 1

The talk discussed the evolution in global inequality over the past thirty years. It will focus on the most recent 2008-2018 estimates of global income distribution and will draw political implications of the important changes that are taking place, in particular, the rise of the middle class in Asia, income stagnation of the rich countries’ middle classes and their global “positional decline”, and the slowdown in growth among the global top 1 percent after the 2008 Financial Crisis. The effects of covid, the war between Russia and Ukraine and trade tensons between US and China will also be addressed although the data on their effects are scarce as the shocks are ongoing. Branko Milanović is a Serbian-American economist and former the lead economist in the World Bank´s research department. A leading scholar in development and inequality, he is currently visiting presidential professor at the City University of New York. In Cooperation with Brave New Europe, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung and OXI. The German translation is available on the YouTube channel of OXI:…

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