BRAVE NEW EUROPE Fundraising 2018

Calling all Remainers. There is a good chance you will get your mandate for a People’s Vote with an option to stay in the EU, and – big surprise for some – the majority might vote firmly to Remain. But what happens next? What sort of EU do you want?

We need a platform like BRAVE NEW EUROPE to explore possible ways to reform this neo-liberal behemoth we have agreed to stay with: radical economic and political analysis from the best independent minds in the business. BRAVE NEW EUROPE gathers their views impartially and disseminates them to stimulate discussion for a just, democratic, and social EU. But it needs your help. To stay independent it can only accept donations from independent, non-corporate sources. Even the smallest amount – £5 as a one-off, or better given monthly – will help keep up the good work.

David Shirreff, Editor at BRAVE NEW EUROPE

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Support us: Fundraising 2018

BRAVE NEW EUROPE has begun its Fundraising 2018 with a goal of 10,000 euros to help us to turn the tide on the neo-liberal discourse. Please support us. To donate go here:

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