Chas Freeman – Israel Doesn’t Even Try To Hide Its Genocide On The Palestinians

“… settler colonialism invariably leads to some attempt at genocide
that was the case in United States and Canada and Australia. It wasn’t
the case in New Zealand … It wasn’t the case in Kenya because
eventually black Kenyans rose up in the Mau-Mau movement, which was itself
a horror but it did result in a separation from the colonial rule of the
British. [The] same thing could happen now. The difficulty of all this
is obvious in terms of the fact that you’ve got an Israeli cabinet which
is the most “determined genocidal cabinet” the world has ever seen and I
don’t excuse the Nazi cabinets from that comparison the overt statements
of genocidal intent are unmistakable …”

21 November 2023

Interview part 1 of 3 with former US Ambassador Chas Freeman. Well, this is as bad as it gets. A Genocide in plain sight, for everyone to see, merciless and cold blooded and “the West” with all its human rights talk, with all its hubris is in full support—maybe give the Palestinians a coffee break before continue killing them, but that’s about the maximum the West is willing to concede to the victims. Ambassador Chas Freeman is one of the view former US public officials willing to speak out against this travesty. In addition, he is a superb analyst of West Asian and World Affairs. In this interview, he analyses what the current tragedy in Palestine will mean for Geopolitics in the region and beyond.

Interview by Lottaz Pascal (Neutrality Studies, Switzerland)

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