David Graeber: The Center Blows Itself Up: Care and Spite in the ‘Brexit Election’

Maybe not the most focussed piece by David Graeber, but there are many interesting elements, so worth reading.

Sad is that after writing “Most of the new, young Labour activists had enough experience with genuine directly democratic practice to understand that a 52/48 vote is effectively a tie; if it is a mandate for anything, it is for some sort of creative compromise.”, Graeber did not mention that a compromise was never sought by Remainers. As we know, the leave side was open to various routes, as long as the democratically legitimized “Leave” was respected. The same happened with regard to Labour’s “Remain and Reform”, meaning the EU. Although repeatedly challenged to explain what this Reform strategy was, an answer was never forthcoming. And as soon as Labour joined the EU Parliament in 2019, they voted for von der Leyen, who embodies everything undemocratic in the EU. That says everything.

Read David Graeber’s article here

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