DIW: Ten years after Fukushima: Nuclear energy is still dangerous and unreliable

• Analysis of global nuclear power developments, especially since the Fukushima major accident

• Since the beginning of the commercial use of nuclear power in the 1950s major incidents have repeatedly occurred

• Report investigates planned and unplanned outages; nuclear power is incident prone and unreliable

• Outages particularly frequent in France, but are a significant issue in Germany as well• Methodological research needed to include nuclear’s unreliability in energy and climate models

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Communication in the Fukushima Crisis – Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

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  1. Yes, very old plants with very old designs ran for profit are terrible. The question is whether there’s a real alternative to new public ones that isn’t fossil or tech miracle based. I’m not the most informed person, but I haven’t seen it.
    As to the cost, somehow still less than the SGP, let alone climate change.

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