Eyeless in Gaza, Rudderless in Ukraine?

Just when we need their analysis most, alternative and independent media are fast disappearing from our screens. We do not want that to happen to Brave New Europe.


We believe that our articles from diverse viewpoints – some of which you, and even we, may heartily disagree with – have been helping to make sense of the complex world we live in (particularly the shocking, tragic events of the past two years) and of the future that faces us all.

Don’t allow that unhampered, uncensored approach to fade. Your private contributions of a few euros a month can keep the spirit of independent analysis alive. It isn’t much to ask, and yet it offers the chance to make a difference to world decision-making and to find answers to difficult questions.

Brave New Europe is a forum in which restless minds can trade ideas and seek solutions in a way not offered by mainstream media. The website is run on a shoe-string and designed to be entirely independent of political or corporate influence. Aided by your generosity we got through the last year.

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