Fundraising 2019 – Yes, please do read this

When we had the idea for BRAVE NEW EUROPE it was clear that a number of crises were on the horizon: the climate catastrophe, the next financial disaster, and a new economic recession. We did not wish a repeat of mainstream politicians and corporate media dictating the discourse as it did following the 2008 Great Financial Crisis. Our goal was to provide thousands of readers with outstanding analysis and possible solutions to challenge establishment propaganda. This would be made possible thanks to your donations.

Two years later there are thousands of readers of BRAVE NEW EUROPE who praise us for providing them with outstanding analysis and ground-breaking solutions for these burning issues. But there is another element of BRAVE NEW EUROPE that most of our readers value: you are getting this all for free!

That is where our problems begin. You do not need to be an economist to understand that little in life is free, including the media. We all have difficult times ahead of us. The corporate world has no interest in helping us to find solutions that will undermine the current system of environmental destruction, inequality, and injustice. We are having to do this ourselves. That means creating our own media to serve our goals, needs, and exchange of ideas. Behind this effort stand people who have to be paid a living wage.

It is up to you to support BRAVE NEW EUROPE. We’re relying on you, and this is very much your decision.

We are looking for PATRONS, engaged supporters who are prepared to pay a minimum of 60 euros a year to help BRAVE NEW EUROPE grow. A regular, small donation of 2, 3 or 5 euros per month would be a valuable alternative. If you believe only our media can support our goals, you can support this NOW, without moving from your desk or armchair, by becoming a PATRON or regular contributor HERE

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