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  1. Gary, you mention only one aspect of thd EU that is bad. The unmentioned character is its ‘Ordoliberalism’ – extreme right wing economic, permanent austerity, ideology, forced on the EU by Germany, and entrenched in treaties, such that reform is almost impossible. Please read a bit more of Bill Mitchell and Wolfgang Schreek to get a full picture. By leaving the EU, the British people at least have a simple opportunity of ridding themselves of their very own ‘Ordoliberals’ in the Tory Party, and of course the so called moderate left of the Labour Party so beloved of The Guardian. The EU is full of good initiatives and protections – womens rights, the environment, science, human rghts and more. But allthis good stuff has offered a lovely smokescreen to hide the real purpose and nature of the EU, which is about democracy (lack of – instead dictatorship of the elite and technocrats), and economic (neoliberalism, and its pathetic handmaiden New Keynsianism). Identity politics cleverly diverted attention from all the nastiness of democracy and economics in not only the EU, but the US, the UK, and most other Western states.

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