If you did not understand the importance of BRAVE NEW EUROPE before 7 October, you must surely do so now. Join our Fundraiser!

BRAVE NEW EUROPE has always been a safe haven for progressives and those who deviated from the discourse of corporate and state media. As the economist Steve Keen writes, “Analysts like Ann Pettifor, Michael Hudson & I rarely get into mainstream media. BNE is our voice”. This is the case for many critical thinkers.

At the same time BRAVE NEW EUROPE has been in the forefront of analysing the Ukraine war, its evolution and current developments. There is probably no media platform that has provided so much essential information about the conflict.

Now we again find ourselves among the leading media disseminating the truth about Israel’s genocide in Gaza and ethnic cleansing on the West Bank. In situations like these it is no wonder that the number of people using BRAVE NEW EUROPE increases three of four fold, as they seek truth in the web of lies they encounter on their televisions, radios, internet media, newspapers, and magazines.

This is only possible with your support. So invest in your future and secure a safe haven for the truth. Donate HERE

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