Just hours to go!!! – Save us losing 5,000 euros!

Just a few hours to go and we have only achieved half our goal of 10,000 euros, which means the loss of 5,000 euros in matching funds from GLS Treuhand. End the year with a politcally meaningful act. Donate!

This website has made incredible progress in just over a year, having become an important source of radical analysis and information – surprisingly worldwide. To continue we need your financial support: 5 euros. That is not much. Spread out over a year, not even two cents a day! A few readers have written to say that they cannot afford that. Quite okay. We’ve been there too. Others have shown their solidarity by contributing more.

Politics is not about voyeurism. It is about becoming involved and making commitments. BRAVE NEW EUROPE has become the website for thousands: the 1,500 readers who follow us on social media and thousands more, who visit our website regularly and irregularly. All are in search of a better society and how they can contribute to it. We are helping to provide answers. 5 euros may not change the world, but it will contribute to the activism that enables change. So donate here

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