Kate Connolly: ‘We are becoming a joke’: Germans turn on Deutsche Bahn

Depressing wages, slashing investment, reducing taxes for corporations and the rich. German austerity to drive its export economy in support of international corporations. The Deutsche Bahn is a typical victim of this austerity.

What the author does not mention, Deutsche Bahn has increased expenditures on “spreadsheet managers” with no competence in the rail industry at obscene wage levels – German entitlement. That is the tragedy; there is no one at Deutsche Bahn capable of turning it around. Their only answer: expensive external advisors – and they too have no idea of what they are doing. The only solution is to ask the Swiss Railway to step in and put the Deutsche Bahn back on track – carte blanche

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Deutsche Bahn has become the butt of jokes and withering complaints after months of chaos.

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