Marco Buti – Is the High Tide of Populism Over? The European Experience

We are posting this video featuring Marco Buti,  Director-General for Economic and Financial Affairs at the European Union, because it epitomises the arguments of the EU-Elite: The EU is beholden to rules and institutions, not democracy. Democracy entails stupid, rightist, poor people who keep contradicting the EU-elite. Earlier these people were simply considered benighted, backwards, against progress Now they are populists. Buti keeps making the same slip of the tongue. Sometimes these people are against the EU, others moments they are against Europe – whatever that means. Important is solely that they are against things, not for anything constructive. Forget a more just income distribution, a fair tax system, a sustainable environment, a universal basic income, and all the other things the people of Europe want. Forget Greece. Forget Catalonia.

Mark Blyth is not at his critical best as moderator. Pity.


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