Norman Finkelstein – South Africa’s Case Against Israel

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Norman Finkelstein provides his analysis and prediction on South Africa’s ICJ case of Genocide against Israel. – worth a listen. Norman Finkelstein discusses South Africa’s filing of a case against Israel at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) over allegations of genocide, with both countries being signatories to the Genocide Convention. The ICJ has the power to determine which country is in breach, but the process may be expedited with a temporary restraining order requested by South Africa due to real-time concerns. However, the outcome depends on the politics and voting patterns of the ICJ’s 15 judges, including permanent members like the United States, UK, France, Russia, and China, whose votes may be uncertain due to their own genocide accusations. The speaker also speculates about which countries might vote in favor or against a possible resolution at the ICC condemning Israel for alleged war crimes and apartheid, and mentions Morocco, Somalia, and Jamaica as potential yes votes, and the United States, India, and Australia as potential no votes. Additionally, the speaker argues that if Israel denies access to essential resources to Palestinian civilians, it could be considered genocide according to the Razors of Raphael Lemkin, the founder of the Genocide Convention

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