politics.co.uk: Everything you need to know about Lexit in five minutes

Brexit is seen by most as a project of the right. There is also a well grounded criticism of the EU from the left called Lexit. This simple explanation will help to understand the left’s criticism of the EU.

We at Brave New Europe don’t take a position on Brexit. While we recognise that many dark and odious forces lay behind the Brexit vote, and that the process will inflict significant economic damage on many people, we also know that European institutions and policies typically reflect a strong neoliberal slant – and we launched this project to oppose and change this.  We have sympathy with the anger against European institutions – but we also believe in the principle of European cross-border co-operation and co-ordination in many areas.  Reflecting this complex reality, we will host both pro-Brexit and pro-Remain articles.

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