Positive Money – Escaping Growth Dependency

This cannot continue. Governments are obsessed with growth, but the world’s resources are limited. What are the alternatives?



On 18th January 2018, Positive Money launched a new report which sets out why governments are pursuing limitless economic growth despite clear environmental constraints, at an event in Parliament.

The report, titled ‘Escaping Growth Dependency: Why reforming money will reduce the need to pursue economic growth at any cost to the environment’, finds that spiralling levels of both public and private debt are putting pressure on governments to pursue infinite economic growth as their primary policy objective. It outlines the role of the money and banking system in creating unsustainable levels of debt, and recommends reforms which could allow governments to transition to a more sustainable economic model.

The launch event saw speeches from Doughnut Economics author Kate Raworth, Labour MP Alex Sobel, Conservative MP Kevin Hollinrake and Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley, as well as the report’s co-author Fran Boait.


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