Renegade Inc.: Magda Polan and Joe Zammit-Lucia – The Cult of Globalism

One of the central ideas in the push for globalization is for the state to become subservient to the corporates, and for citizens to become submissive consumers.

Is it any wonder that our political classes are so loathed after dancing to the tune of corporate lobbyists who have pushed this agenda for decades?

Around the world politicians and their economists have peddled the idea that substituting sovereignty for global corporate interests has been a price worth paying…but many people aren’t convinced.

Host Ross Ashcroft is joined by the former IMF economist Magda Polan and author and founder of Radix think tank Joe Zammit-Lucia, to ask what are the lessons we can learn from the ideology that has always put profit before people and planet?

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The cult of globalism

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