Rethinking Economics

Rethinking Economics is an international network of students, academics and professionals building a better economics in society and the classroom. They recently produced an economics textbook entitled Rethinking Economics: An Introduction to Pluralist Economics, an entry-level economics textbook for lecturers looking to introduce students to the broader range of ideas explored within the economics profession. It is also appropriate and accessible for people outside of academia who are interested in economics and economic theory.

This film was the book presentation in November with a panel discussion including  RE editors J-Christopher Proctor, Tree Watson and Joe Hassell, and academics Andrew Brown (IIPPE) , Andrew Mearman (LUBS)  and Peter Hughes (Reteaching Economics), and was themed around the need for economic pluralism. It is well worth watching, as it makes very clear why economics is currently failing so miserably, not only as an academic discipline, but also failing society.



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