Tax Justice Network: Taxcast May, 2020

In the Tax Justice Network’s monthly podcast, the Taxcast:

  • we cover the story the mainstream media aren’t telling you – how governments around the world are undermining our tax collection services. We look at how the South Africa Revenue Service was established in very challenging times to become a world class institution. Yet also how quickly such achievements can be set back…
  • Also, as all eyes turn to Central Banks during this coronavirus pandemic, we ask who are they serving? And how do people forge a new relationship and a new role for them that fits modern times? We look at the profound implications of a little-known court ruling this month in Karlsruhe by the German Constitutional Court concerning the actions of the European Central Bank – the second-most important central bank in the world

A transcript of the programme is available here (it won’t be 100% accurate)


Presented and produced by Naomi Fowler of the Tax Justice Network.

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