The Local fr: ‘They tell nothing but lies’: France’s ‘yellow vests’ reveal their hatred of the media

The two most effective state weapons against democracy are the police and the media.

As Serge Halimi wrote in his billiant article Forgotten France rises up (read here) French journlaists have been warned ‘Journalists must remember that they are not mere observers, but are part of the elite whose role is also to preserve the country from chaos.’

If journalists, as in the case of this aricle, are no longer seen as defending democracy, but the interests of the ruling class, then maybe it is better they stay away. Maybe they could do a charming interview with Madame Macron about her favourite dessert. The material coming from the streets via social media is better anyway.

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'They tell nothing but lies': France's 'yellow vests' reveal their hatred of the media

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