You decide if we close down BRAVE NEW EUROPE

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After five years we feel it is time to place BRAVE NEW EUROPE on a sound financial footing or simply close it down. 

We have decided that we have had enough of constantly begging for funds and always having to make compromises. We have therefore set a goal of 20,000 GBP/Euros. If we do not reach this, we will continue as long as the funds last then close down the website. This is something we deeply regret, but after five years it is time to establish a stable website.

Thus we are letting you decide.  If you want the site to close down, then don’t donate. If you want it to survive and flourish then go HERE and donate.

We are entering exceptionally difficult times. To undestand what is happening and  as a counter to the propaganda war that is increasing in intensity being waged my mainstream media we shall need media like BRAVE NEW EUROPE that presents the best critical analyses and commentary in Europe on the key political and economic developments. That requires that you too take responsibility for making this possible.

Just so that you understand how the fundraising works, all donations as of today will go towards the financial year 2023. We are encouraging regular monthly donations, which will be multiplied by twelve for the year in our calculation. Should we not reach our budget of 20,000 GBP/Euros, then we shall close down the website when the available funds are exhausted. We shall keep you informed on our website how long we have funds for. Do not worry if you have a recurring donation, should we close down the website, we shall do the same with our bank accounts thus automatically terminating your payments.

BRAVE NEW EUROPE is solely dependent on your donations for its financial existence. Supported by a cooperative with a desire to foster egalitarian structure, our goal is to be financed by a broad group of small donors so that we remain completely independent to publish the articles that we think matter.

Small donors means you! Please consider making a donation. Better yet would be a regular monthly donation of 5, 10 or 15 euros, dollars or pounds sterling (GBP).

Currently we have funds to carry us through until 2 April, 2023

To donate go HERE

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