Andrea Lorenzo Capussela – The Political Economy of Italy’s Decline

20 March 2019 in Berlin

A talk in our series “Economics beyond the Swabian hausfrau”

Italy is a rich society served by an advanced manufacturing sector, where the rule of law is weak, however, and political accountability low. The country has long been in a downward spiral, from which a politico-economic equilibrium has emerged that is as consistent as it is inefficient, and hinders economic and democratic development. The Political Economy of Italy’s Decline seeks to identify the causes of Italy’s downward trajectory, and to explain how the country could shift to a fairer and more efficient equilibrium.”

Andrea Lorenzo Capussela has a PhD on competition policy. He led the economics office of Kosovo’s international supervisor, and wrote State-Building in Kosovo: Democracy, Corruption, and the EU in the Balkans (I.B. Tauris, 2015). He did some voluntary work on the development of a district in Calabria, and wrote the Italian version of The Political Economy of Italy’s decline (LUISS University Press, March 2019). He regularly writes blogs for LSE Europp.

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