Everyone or No One

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Every year when we begin our fundraising campaign someone asks why we invest so much time and work when we could simply introduce a paywall on BRAVE NEW EUROPE.

The answer is simple. We believe in an egalitarian, inclusive, democratic society. A society where opportunity is open to everyone. With a paywall we would be excluding those readers who cannot afford such fees. Even in “socialist” East Germany the government was of the opinion that everything had to cost something, otherwise it would appear worthless in the eye of the consumer. And yes, sometimes you do give us the impression that they were right, especially during our fundraising.

Still, we believe something like education, and BRAVE NEW EUROPE is an educational website, should be accessible for free to all. I attended outstanding public schools then received an excellent education at a state university free of tuition. This is something I am thankful for. I could not have afforded university in the United States today. So while neo-liberalism is financialising education, let us do the contrary and make it free.

There are few websites that offer the quality of progressive analyses and comment like this one – for free. For everyone. To be honest, we are capable of much more than we are already achieving, but we cannot do that without you

Thus we have said we shall leave the decision of what sort of society you wish to live in up to you with regard to BRAVE NEW EUROPE. Either this website is based on solidarity, supported by those of you able to donate and available to all for free, or there will be no website. There will be no paywall, nor will there be corporate sponsorship or adverts.

Please do think about it. Don’t wait for the revolution to roll back the neo-liberal mindset. You can start with small steps today.

So please consider donating here

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