Fundraiser: We reached our fundraising goal of 10,000 £/€/$. Thank you to all donors. The finances for BRAVE NEW EUROPE for the coming year are secure. That was a minimum to survive. We shall continue the fundraiser in the hope of having a bit of a financial buffer for eventualities or realising new projects within the website. So you still have the chance to be on the right side of history. DONATE

Thank you to all of you who have enabled us to continue our work for another year. We received the most recent donation with great relief.

This was a minimum to survive. We would like to go further, such as returning to a seven day a week coverage (we reduced to five last year) or starting our own podcasts or webinars.

In this year BRAVE NEW EUROPE has been able to produce what we consider one of the best compilations of analysis and background information in the world concerning the war in Ukraine, Israel’s genocide in Gaza and ethnic cleansing on the West Bank, the campaign to stop the climate crisis, the struggle of platform workers to gain basic labour rights and a living wage, and many other topics. We have progressed from being a niche website to one that at the current rate will have about one million readers per year. It’s up to you if we remain on this course.

There is a saying: “People receive the government they deserve”. We would also say “People receive the media they deserve”.

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