GND Media – “Degrowth does not mean poverty for the working class” Interview with Jason Hickel

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We’ve always said that environmentalism needs to understand class if it wants to protect the world from climate catastrophe. Degrowth has been accused by some on the Left as green austerity, or just a terrible political message.

To debunk degrowth myths and to discuss why class is at the heart of any just transition and a degrowth economy, we are join by Jason Hickel. Jason is the author of “Less is More: How Degrowth with Save the World” and is a world leading scientist and scholar on degrowth.

We discuss how class politics and environmentalism should work in tandem, why capitalism can’t stop the climate crisis, why Universal Basic Services (UBS) are at the heart of a degrowth economy, how trade unions need to remember their radical past and how the EU conference on Beyond Growth is opening the doors for more radical policy in Europe.


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