Green New Deal for Europe

The Green New Deal for Europe envisions a fairer, greener and more just continent, which stands together to confront our political, economic and climate crises.

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Our proposal would transform European economies through investments in modern, emissions-free transport infrastructure, renewable energies and the technologies of the future.

We believe that any transformative agenda needs to be achievable, so the Green New Deal for Europe is designed to be implemented starting tomorrow – without raising taxes on any European worker. At the heart of our programme is the European Jobs Guarantee: a promise that anyone living in Europe can find a good, well-paying job.

Since private banks have failed to invest in our future, the Green New Deal for Europe will be funded entirely through green investment bonds issued by Europe’s public investment banks. Financiers are hungry for safe assets, and state-backed debt provides that.The funds will be channelled to where they are needed most: small businesses, local communities and massive continent-wide infrastructure projects to make sure that everyone has the green services and utilities they need.

But we can only build a democratic Europe if we give power back to the people. So we propose investing the funds through a democratic public works agency, which will involve regional and municipal authorities, and whose decisions will be supported by citizens’ assemblies.

The proposal is by no means radical. For nearly a decade, many European central banks have carried out programmes of quantitative easing, injecting money into the banking system in the hope that it would be reinvested in the real economy. But low investor confidence resulting from years of austerity has meant that much of this money was never invested where it was needed most. The Green New Deal for Europe proposes to redirect our resources to Europe’s green transition.

We know that we cannot solve the climate crisis on our own. The Green New Deal for Europe is the first step towards connecting mainland Europe with similar initiatives in the United States and United Kingdom and creating the structures to support green investment on a global scale.

Join us in the fight for a greener, more prosperous future.

To read the programme in its entirety go here

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